Public Speaking, Peace and Democracy (PPD)

Public Speaking, Peace and Democracy (PPD):

Peace is dear to RIPAO, which through its activities promotes respect for others, acceptance of contradiction and respect for diversity. Through this programme, the network intervenes in territories at peace to consolidate achievements, in territories in conflict to raise awareness of the need for and importance of peace. In post-war territories, it contributes to social cohesion.

Programs are implemented through the Public Speaking Clubs created by the network, public speaking and structured debate championships, and barcamps and training workshops. These workshops revolve around several modules including:

  • Argumentation, structuring and refutation
  • Public speaking and female leadership
  • Body, voice and language
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Expressions, information, interventions
  • Initiation to the debate (African or Africa Gawlo format, British format, Beirut format, WUDC, WSDC…)
  • The practice of public speaking in the age of ICTs
  • The speaker’s basket
  • The basics of public speaking
  • Negotiation, advocacy and lobbying
  • Types of motions

These are just a few of the training modules already provided.