Vision / Mission

Our vision is to develop responsible, open and critical-minded citizens who can make a positive contribution to change in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Our mission is to empower, empower and influence the development of public speaking in order to make it a vehicle for social, cultural and political transformation.

RIPAO achieves its mission through 3 axes: capacity, empowerment and influence.

Capacitation: Training and capacity building in public speaking (debate, public speaking, pitch…) for students and professionals

Empowerment: Institutional, financial and logistical support for national public speaking societies in their development; co-organisation of national, regional or international public speaking competitions.

Influence: Scientific and media advocacy for the recognition of modern public speaking as an academic discipline and a vehicle for intercultural dialogue, citizen participation and the prevention of violent extremism. This is done through research, documentation and dissemination of contemporary oral practices on the African continent and in the Caribbean and Pacific.

Our objectives are to:

  • Contribute to the endogenous and exogenous development of oral communication in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries
  • Encourage intercultural orality as a source of dialogue among civilizations and the prevention of violent extremism among young people.