Professional training on public speaking and leadership in Dschang

Over 100 participants went through a professional training on public speaking and leadership in Dschang.

Building youth’s capacities in public speaking and arts of speech has always been the primary concern of the International Network for the promotion of Speech Arts in Africa, Caribbean and Pacific, (INPAS- international) especially on notions related to public speaking and leadership, pitching, negotiation, blogging and partnership. From the 19 to 21 December 2019, the president of INPAS international office, Ngnaoussi Elongue Christian facilitated a workshop on Public Speaking and Leadership in the Manu Dibango hall of the “Alliance Franco-Camerounaise”, Dschang. Jointly organized by the INPAS-Cameroon, Cameroon Debate Association and “Alliance Franco-Camerounaise, Dschang”, this three days of empowerment and exchanges spanned from 9am to 4pm, for the two first days, and 9am to 2pm, the last day, with over a hundred participants.

On the first day, activities kick-started at 9am, after the organization committee had rounded off with the stage for the training. Everything began with presentations among both the facilitator and participants. Each participant had to introduce his name followed by a nickname, then the next had to repeat the names of all those who preceded him/her. After presentations, the facilitator merged the participants in small groups of three for an exercise that aimed at exchanging on their favorite leaders, their values and principles and to share whether they are portraying these leadership qualities in their lives. At the end of the exchange, each group of 3 elected a team head to present a nutshell of the 2 others’ opinions. This lasted for about 3 hours, for the presentations were interrupted with the participants feedbacks on both the content and style of presentation, then the facilitator’s remarks, making it to be a kind of learning by doing exercise. This phase enabled everyone to have a clue of prominence tips facilitating a proper public speaking. Hence, the background was set for the theoretical part to hold after the Break, on the attitude and aptitudes of a great communicator. The day ended with participants’ feedbacks about the day 1 of the workshop and a debriefing session.

In connect with the program, the next day, at 9am specifically, both the participants and the facilitator were there to proceed with the training. As the previous day, the workshop began with an interesting exercise on public speaking, where participants were given words and statements to prepare an impromptu speech for 90s. Throughout the presentations, the Facilitator zoomed in with prominent comments and tips to enrich the upcoming ones. As we moved from a participant to the other, we could observe significant improvement thanks to the facilitator’s remarks. As soon as everyone was done with the presentations, the facilitator announced the break that lasted for 30 minutes. Shortly after, the facilitator came in with a theoretical part emphasizing key notes on Speech Arts and leadership. ng key notes on Speech Arts and leadership. the break that lasted for 15 min. given words and ex It is however worthy to indicate that he facilitated the two concepts, notably, leadership and Speech Arts interchangeably. The day ended with participants’ feedbacks and the second day debriefing meeting.

On the last day of the training, 21 December 2019, activities began at 9am with a review of the sections, followed by a group exercise with the purpose to enforce the leadership and public speaking proficiency of the participants. Afterwards, the facilitator exchange with them on the last module, representing a nutshell of the three days workshops. Then followed the impressions of the participants in line with the training and awards of certificates. The stage was staged, hence, for family pictures and a debriefing meeting among the facilitator and organizing committee on the three days programme.

Report produced by:

Tsague Dongfack Willy Endelson

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